Thursday, 2 February 2017

Spring 2017 colours

Pantone selection of colours for Spring 2017 
Primrose yellow - THE spring colour. 
Pale Dogwood- a soft pastel pink, and one of my favourite colours!
Hazelnut-warm cashmere beige, very wearable.
Island Paradise-delicate duck egg blue which I love 
Greenery-and a spring green.
The stronger tones are 
Flame -a really vibrant tangerine, which I love.
Pink Yarrow- a Fuchsia pink which is not for me, but a great colour if you can wear it.
Niagara -A nice blue, 
Kale- I don't lake the vegetable or the co,our.This green shade is a difficult colour to pull off.
Lapis blue- A mid blue, royal blue. Yes.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Double pearl earrings - mise en Dior

Pearl earrings which look as good from the back as from the front. 
Double pearl. A large pearl a the back and a smaller one at the front. I think I would have preferred a large pearl at the front, why can't they do that? 

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy 2015 to everyone.
New year. new start. 

What plans do I have for the New Year?

I am going to travel more.
I am going to read more.
I am going to have more fun.

I spent the New Year in Cape Town South Africa, what a wonderful place to be. 
Great food and wine.
Amazing scenery- mountains and beaches.
Fabulous flowers. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dior Addict-Fluid stick

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks- a lipgloss that looks like a lipstick. Fabulously glossy and with a good depth of 
colour yet with none of the stickiness of a lipgloss-sounds perfect. How do they do it? Well it is water based rather than wax based. It looks and feels fabulous. Long lasting colour.

Amazing range of colours. Which shall I buy? A lovely baby pink?

A  bright spring coral? A wearable nude? So many shades and I want them all! £26 at Dior stockists 

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Spring Shades - neutrals

Let's look at neutrals for Spring summer 2014
A soft sand- a warm natural beige. But not beige. Caramel? 
The colour of make up foundation?

Keep it sleek and sophisticated with these elegant neutral shoes.

Matching handbag, prada! 

You might even be lucky to find something in this shade on sale. A great investment. 

Another neutral- Not black, but dove grey!
Wear it with white or cream for a fresh sophisticated look, or liven it up with red. Or pink?

Lovely grey shoes. And red soles of course.

Love this grey top with red bows. It would be easy to custom make one like this, just add red bows to a simple grey top. Grey with red looks good.

How about grey manicure? Yes? 

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fondant shades of pastel colours for Spring 2014

New colours for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Have a look at the new colours for Spring Summer 2014.
Some soft pastels- soft blue, a pistacchio green, a lovely dove grey.

I love this- Soft dove grey tulle skirt.

And grey shoes, with red soles of course...

Also some more vibrant shades to give a real hit of colour. My  favourite orange is back again! Yes!

Use as accessories, handbag or shoes, or both? 

Have a look at this lovely shade of coral- they are calling it cayenne. 

Macaron colours for Spring 2014.

Pastel green 

Pistachio green. 

Peachy pink. 

Lavender - soft violet 


Or wear a bracelet like this with all the colours in! For those who just cannot decide upon one colour.


Think Pink

Yes, it is my favourite colour. Don't all girls love pink? Admit it...

The perfect colour for spring. Pink tulips! Beautiful. 

So many different shades of pink too. 
I love this soft shell pink dress by Balmain.
Love the flirty frill at the bottom. 

Pink jewellery. 

Oh and a cute pink coat!